CTC implementation of SB 941 concerning National Board Certification

February 10, 2012:


CTC Coded Correspondence 12-02:

This correspondence addresses two provisions of SB 941 concerning National Board Certification:

1) The Commission may issue an additional subject to the holder of a valid Single Subject Teaching Credential or equivalent previously issued general education credential, who has National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification in an additional single subject content area.

2) The bill allows the holder of a Multiple or Single Subject Teaching Credential, or equivalent previously issued general education teaching credential, to earn a new credential type if the individual has earned NBPTS certification in the new credential type.

CTC Coded Correspondence 12-03:  

This correspondence addresses the provision of SB 941 that allows the Commission to issue a Clear Multiple or Single Subject Credential to an out-of-state applicant who has earned a California Clear Education Specialist Credential and holds comparable certification in both general and special education from another state.


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